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Friday, May 18, 2018

Repeat Website Visits by Margot Justes

I have been absent from the blogging world, simply because I thought there were too many, and we have only so much time to read all the stuff we’re inundated with on a daily basis.

Recently I have become aware that many people who visit my website are repeat customers, and are probably looking for fresh tidbits, and I have been neglectful, and haven’t provided any. My awareness should you ask-came from tracking my website stats-finally, better late than not at all.  

Many are visiting my website looking for travel information, apparently some of the search engines send new customers my way, and those people are likely disappointed in the results, again, nothing new posted, besides my travel blogs were merely insights into places and things I enjoy doing while travelling.

It’s been a busy couple of years, I have moved-yes, again-further South for warmth and the occasional hurricane. Irma would have been a terrific blog, since I was home, and the experience was interesting to put it mildly, and now that I think of it, will write and post it.

In February I went on a Caribbean cruise with friends, and fell in love with Curacao, again, another blog just popped into my head, so far two to go.

Writing has been slow going, I can find plenty of excuses, but they would be just that-excuses-except for the novella from hell, that simply will not end, no matter how many times I edit, the ending eludes me.

The sequel to A Fire Within is almost done, and since I do not plot my stories, I’m what is known as a panster-I write by the seat of my pants-hence panster. I start with a tiny basic outline, and then I let the characters drive the story…that is how I became a romance writer, instead of cozy mystery writer. The characters clicked in A Hotel in Paris, and I had to learn about romance. In this particular case, they’re not doing well at all.  

There are two tasks that I aim to finish, namely preparedness, and not taking advice from family for a major hurricane coming our way, and a new travel blog. Please wish me luck.


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