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Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Storm in Alexandria by Margot Justes

As the news reported, the East Coast was blanketed by snow this weekend. Our area had about 18 inches of the white fluffy stuff-at least that was reported at the Reagan Airport, and I'm in the area. No doubt it was a severe storm.

There were almost a 1000 reported accidents in VA. I wonder why people are on the road if they don't have to be. Or for that matter walk on the road because sidewalks are impassable, they risk being killed, or causing an accident and maiming or killing someone else. The DC Mayor kept telling people to stay off the roads, and many didn't listen. Why is that so difficult? 

The media spent most of the time on the storm, rehashing stuff over and over. As someone being interviewed put it  'watching the non-story'. I'm pretty sure other things were happening all over the world, but the focus was local. I can understand that, but much of it was a continuous repeat. I guess they call it-human interest-how people were spending their time during the storm.  

I thought about the coverage, the things that we pay attention to, and the things that we ignore, the things that the media thinks we want to hear. They're probably right, it's what sells, not necessarily good, solid reporting, but it sells, and that is where the revenue comes from. 

I took a stroll before the storm settled in comfortably. I rather enjoy a walk in the fresh falling snow, but know enough to get in before it becomes dangerous. Had my battery powered lamp, candles, and fully charged phone, and plenty of blankets ready in case power went out. Stopped in the store a couple of days before the storm hit, so there was no need to drive.

Our area was fortunate, people paid attention, and power was okay. At any rate, I have a few pictures of my little corner.

Margot  Justes
Blood Art
A Hotel in Paris
A Hotel in Bath
A Hotel in Venice
A Fire Within

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